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Custom Text Heat Transfers

Choose from 10 different font styles and 20 colors, for the ultimate customization! Fill in the input fields below for your custom text.


Matte Colors 
Print Type: N/A
Material: 88 Micron Polyurethane Heat Transfer
Washability: 50+ Washes
Stretchability and Rebound: 3.5/5

Glitter Flake Colors
Print Type: N/A
Material: 325 Micron PVC Heat Transfer
Washability: 50+ Washes
Stretchability and Rebound: 3/5

Recommended Fabrics:
1. Cotton
3. Poly/Cotton Blends
* Not for use on sublimated garments and 100% polyester materials such as jerseys.

Heat Directions / Application (Click Here)

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